50 things to do what to do when bored

This compendium incorporates what to do when bored fun exercises, family activities and exercises designed to help others in the local area who may need a little boost during these difficult times. Some of these things are also planned to eliminate those errands that eternity seems to be on our daily agenda and keep looming. Here are ideas for ways to stay busy, deal with fatigue, and enjoy more glamorous times while you’re at home!

what to do when bored

  • Peruse a book- It may seem like an undeniable decision, but it’s an incredible way to free yourself from things. I also recently put resources into this tablet. I find that when I try to read a book on my phone, I find myself more and more occupied with information, warnings, etc. Having a committed reader makes a huge difference!


  • Puzzle- It’s also a great opportunity to discuss with friends and family in your home! I just arranged this double sided puzzle from one of my #1 photographers who have put one across the planet. I can barely keep trying!

Open your recipe book and find motivation for new dinner ideas what to do when bored

Investigate locally for others who may need help. When schools in our area were closed, my heart quickly jumped to young people who were so reliant on school dinners. So I did some exploration on where to give. Find out what makes a big difference to you and see how you can help! Here are a few of our first picks (helping to support many kinds of less fortunate people):

  • Food Banks in the Heartland
  • open door task
  • Wandering Grain Train
  • kids against hunger
  • feast on wheels
  • Salvation Army

Plan your next room remodel. I even have a free 5-day email course to help you get things rolling if you’re interested!

what to do when bored

Marathon watching another series (or rewatching an old first). Here are some of our new top picks that are on the lighter side (except the last two):

  • ster creek
  • Parks and Recreation
  • People in love only assume the best
  • capture development
  • office
  • companion
  • twenty four
  • legalization
  • Download some new music.
  • Continue a side interest that you haven’t dealt with for a while.

One way to support an organization near you. Nearby organizations can be hurt for a long time, so find a way to help support them! Here are some ideas to help support community retailers, restaurants, salons, just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Buy a gift card now for future use
  • Request takeout or delivery
  • Verify they have a web-based store variant
  • Research when your next trip is protected.
  • Pay attention to the teachings of your congregation.
  • Get the advantage of spring cleaning early.
  • wash windows
  • wash the floor
  • Deep clean your restroom
  • Dust Blinds and Window Covers
  • deal with the pile of clothes you’ve been away from
  • Knock out family support stuff in your rundown.
  • Replace the heater channel
  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms/carbon monoxide locators
  • Replacing the waterways in the refrigerator
  • Clean the dishwasher aisle
  • Work on the fix you’ve been putting off

Try another mixed drink recipe. Get out your old mixed drink book, or try another artistic mixed drink recipe from my neighbor friends on the Gastronom blog!

  • perform your duties.
  • Go for a walk or sit outside.
  • Clean your vehicle.

Improve spring. Assuming you’re looking for motivation, I’ll let them go through the idea and configuration sheet!

what to do when bored

Play a game. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • three key
  • Questions and Answers
  • arrange
  • Cards (we love Euchre)
  • Mexican train dominoes
  • Be careful! (your phone application)
  • Clean your pantry and sort for a gift or sale.

Prepare your planters and flower beds for spring planting. Check out my gifts on how to grow flowers in pots, summer planter ideas and front porch planter ideas for loads of motivation! Also, remember to try my first compost! This is the clear advantage of getting unimaginable flowers!

Treat yourself to a spa day or night at home. Wash, use a face covering, give yourself a manicure. This facial liner will transport you to the spa in no time!

  • Start a new at-home exercise program.
  • Pick one or two things that are already imminent but don’t have time to do.
  • List the must-dos by the end of 2020.
  • Put together and harden all your computerized documents and photos.

Call or FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to. Since many of us are rehearsing social distancing, that doesn’t mean we can’t socialize. In fact, I think this moment is an opportunity to have your phone call instead of a message for a real discussion!

what to do when bored

Arrange your pantry or potential kitchen cabinets. Instructions for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers Be sure to check out my post for my #1 definitive appliance and ideas what to do when bored!

  • sleep.
  • Start a new network recording.

Adjust your furniture. If you think it’s crazy to mix and match a piece, try moving furniture around in one of your spaces for a completely different look!


Tackle those DIY projects that have been in your rundown for a long time!

Dust off the leaves of the entire houseplant (though assuming they are real or artificial). Also, if you’re looking to get outdoors but don’t need real plants, be sure to check out my post on the best fake plants!

Sow the seeds and start your own spice or vegetable nursery.

Call the nursing home near you to see if you can make friends with a letter or two. Since most nursing homes have limited guests so far, please contact a nearby nursing home to find out how to provide selective social cooperation for those living there!

Consume your #1 flame for hours. My current top picks are this, this, and this!

Put more effort into playing with children or pets.

Proficiency in another dialect. We had an extraordinary relationship with Rosetta Stone before, but now there are countless different projects and applications, and an incredible selection!

There is a romantic comedy movie long distance race. They simply don’t let them be like they used to be! These are the movies I’ve been watching for years (even months) what to do when bored.

  • Holiday
  • proposal
  • The Most Effective Way to Lose a Man in 10 Days
  • New Year’s Eve
  • notting hill
  • letter to juliet
  • sweet home alabama
  • Most definitely, maybe
  • You’ve got mail
  • it’s complicated
  • wedding planner


Go back to your New Year’s resolutions and see how you’re going.

Research the big purchases you realize you’ve been expecting to make so you’ll be ready when the need arises.

Get ready for a mid-year or fall carport deal.

Set up consideration packs for people who may need extra affection.

Find a YouTube video or other web-based instructional exercise for another task you need to learn.

Clean your deck space and prepare it for warmer climates.

Stretch your imaginative muscles. Open a sketchbook, try drawing, compose a sonnet, sit at the piano, grab your guitar. The predictable results are immeasurable!

Print those photos you love but have recently left on your phone or camera. I usually print my photos at Target so I can get them the same day. Still, there are plenty of options for printing them right to your door! You can find out how I use my craft as a craft around our home in my post on easy and affordable art ideas.

  • Practice yoga.

Shred that old desktop job you’ve been packing up but haven’t yet tackled.


Make up for lost time with your first blog! If you have a favorite blog, go back to their chronicle for posts you may have missed or go back to top!

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