Accent wall ideas

The accent wall ideas are back incredibly, and they exceed anyone’s expectations. By mixing shades, surfaces and tones, you can create an incredible space that will be the highlight of any room. Here are 15 of the best highlight wall ideas for your home.

accent wall ideas

Made with paint

In fact, you can simply accent walls an eye-catching variety at any point on the wall and tap – but how can you do that when you can do so much more with paint? Stripes, circles, chevrons or chevrons are the focus of style decisions. All you really want to make a stunning accent wall is paint, painter’s tape, pencils, and a spirit level. Plus: 12 Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Own.


Use what you have

Before deciding what should be your accent wall, check your home’s engineered components. If you have a chimney, you now have a supplemental wall. You should simply dress up. Varieties, frames, stonework or ground floor cabinets are incredible ways to draw attention to the current meeting point.


Included Living Room accent wall ideas : Show Your Snaps

Say hello to every photo you have on your hard drive or on your phone. A photo collection wall is the ideal way to share and remember your precious memories while making a lucky accent wall. To keep your pieces from looking dated, choose shells that complement each other and blend surfaces and dimensions. Spread out your edges on the floor and organize until you’re happy, then, at this point, recreate the plan on the wall.


Build a display wall!

This inherently recreational place blends structural ease with a variety of pops that make it stand out. Make this cabinet gem in your home.



Yes, you read that right. Textures can make new runaway accent walls at a reasonable cost. Just choose a planning texture and fold them over durable cardboard or extremely thin wood or plastic squares. In a satisfactory example, the square is attached to the wall using double-sided mounting tape.


Add warmth with wood

From smooth to provincial, wood is an ideal accent wall material because it instantly heats any space. Make sure to paint the remaining walls in the room in a variety of colors to convey a similar suggestion to the wood for a unified look.


Show off your heirlooms

If you’ve been thinking about what to do with your grandma’s old china, it’s just sitting in a crate, that’s all there is to it. Plates, silver and china of all shapes, sizes and varieties can make up a special supplemental wall. Lounge areas and kitchens are regular places for this look, but it can be used in any space in your home.


Master Bedroom Decorative accent wall ideas: Wallpaper

Another example of a major rebound is the background. Surprised? With an easy-to-use method, and surprisingly, removing the background is more straightforward, you can make an accent wall without taking on too much responsibility. The key here is to anchor it to a wall and try not to feel enclosed.

accent wall ideas

amazing stone

This stunning stone complement accent walls is an ideal task for the modest DIY handyman. In interior spaces, the appearance of the exterior stone façade complements a modern, house or natural style, and its excellence proves itself.


window of the world

For someone who wants to be a world navigator or a nature lover, supplementing a mural is a big decision. They’re not difficult to introduce and are a solid slam for cherishing the kid’s room experience.

accent wall ideas

ordinary brick

Exposed block has long been a sought-after high-gloss accent walls material in older structures and attics. The remarkable news is that block façades have advanced significantly and can be used in almost any style, from current to antique, for a fraction of the cost of the original.


Today’s Accent Walls: Stick-On

Statements, trees and cityscapes dictate this simple and modest stylistic layout decision. In fact, with tons of options to browse as well as customization options, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.


Today’s Accent Wall: Go Big Art

An important piece of craftsmanship can represent itself without a problem as an accent wall. Search through a huge range of materials with depth and variety to match your furniture and style. Make sure to hang your artwork straight up and level for best results!

accent wall ideas

tile time

Once entrusted to workspaces and restrooms, tile can accent walls just about any wall, as there are now a plethora of styles and sizes available. In the kitchen, you can create a wonderful fusion point by adding a special backsplash along a wall that runs all the way to the roof.


Ornately framed

With just a few pieces of MDF and very little cash, you can create a beautiful and tranquil supplemental wall for your room. This treatment adds an element of luxury to your space and is the ideal view for your headboard.

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