How to Read the Akashic Records

The basis of the word akashic records is the Sanskrit word “Akasha” which means “ether”, “sky” or “climate”. So this implies that the Akashic records are remembered to exist in the ether – on the non-reality level, which is the psychic level.


Akashic records are like a passionate journal, a google to find your spirit. More importantly, it records everything that exists or happens at any point in time, a human life, in addition to every broad occasion, consideration, speech, feeling, and goal that has ever happened, present, or future as all Elements and creatures.

Often, when you read your own records or the records of others, you are making spiritual contact with an individual. This is a sacred space. An extremely private, intimate thing that travels through every life of a particular soul.

Everyone approaches them and they are very easy to open.


How to Read the Akashic Records

When you use the Akashic Records, you are looking at environments, places, aggregates, or definite souls from a 10,000-foot perspective. It’s akin to your own library, where every singular book is divided into definite life cycles. When you open a recording, you may see visual effects, colors, movie logos. You may hear sounds or music. I often see analogies of arbitrary articles that represent bigger things or ideas that may take some reflection to fully see.


Here are the important things to be familiar with when reading the akashic records…

akashic records

  1. Ground

Before you go all out and say the “pathway prayer” without hesitation, first connect with the light and restore the energy. You may need to bring Archangel Michael to remove any fears or problems you are holding on to. I often like to imagine myself surrounded by white light that gradually flows from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. It appears to be a white egg that surrounds and protects me. You might think you should do a brief meditation or some breathing before entering to pass on any fear or stress.


  1. Say the opening prayer aloud

I accept on the one hand that Akashic records can be obtained in a number of ways. There are many petitions out there to petition God for records. Use the one that interacts with you and has a profound impact. Be your own educator and guide yourself to what you need most.

You can open and access Akashic records without getting confirmation or making an appointment with someone to read. It’s an open tool that everyone can use. I love and use Linda Howe’s Pathway Petition all the time and it keeps opening doors for me. However, considering all factors, find the request that affects you.


  1. Request the information you are looking for

Getting into the Akashic Records isn’t as messy as you might think. It’s similar to Google finding your spirit. After unhesitatingly proposing a path to petition to God, you are in. So straight to the point. Anyway, when you’re in it…what do you do? Basically, it’s about energy. Be rooted in the energy you gain. Then, at that point, when you’re ready, don’t hesitate to ask your question. Consider browsing the Akashic Records as if you were Googling your spirit. What do you need to pay attention to?

Where is the direction you want? Go ahead and be explicit and get some information about the fear or stress you’re going through. Maybe get sober and respond to the illness you want to recover from. Get some information about your past lives, about your personal and soul contract in this life, about what imaginative quests to play right away. Nothing is out of reach. Dive as deeply as possible.

akashic records

  1. You will only receive what is important to you right now

Many people in Xuanyu were fascinated by their past lives. The previous existences are cool, but they are not the reason or the place for this ongoing routine that you are going through. You may feel called to a certain time span and ask for recorded data about that potential life, but you only get the data at that particular time that is important to you in this life, this body, this particular time .

The Akashic Records just revealed to you what you really wanted to learn at the time, around that time, to help you with your current journey. It’s fine if you get some data about your present life and future and ask for more details, but don’t get anything extra. Believe that you get what you want. In some cases we should not get all the responses now.


  1. Ask for permission

This is a holy place. most likely. That way, you’re looking through someone else’s spiritual history while trying to get their authorization first. You also cannot open the record for anyone under the age of 18, as they should have the option to give their full consent.

I realize that many guardians may need to know more data about their children’s spirituality and past lives, but consider this: attacking young people’s spiritual processes is unreasonable when they cannot fully accept or understand what the record is. Hold on until they’re big enough before mentioning access.


  1. Turn off the record

After you get the data you really want, you will have to turn off logging. Recompute the close request to close it. If you ignore closing them, that’s fine too! There have been a few times where I turned the record on before dozing off at night and ended up having some very special dreams just to recall that I forgot to turn them off later the next day! I often find that my intuition is sharper when I’m on record, so I often prefer to work on record and make record/drop content and musings. Do what works for you!


  1. Record your information

Often, the whole experience and all the data you get feels like a long, fluffy dream. You’re likely to get a lot of visual data in a short amount of time, so I warmly recommend keeping a journal only for your Akashic record encounters. Make sure to record the date. In the long run, return to them occasionally and you may see a more noteworthy story in the message of your spiritual process.



When you open a recording, you may want to see sight, sound, color, movie clips. Or you might get nothing. No reasoning; data is coming. I get visuals, but I can also feel emotions or energy. I often get buzzing fingertips and goosebumps every now and then. In my case, when I opened them for the first time, it was like lightning in my body.


Step-by-step instructions to release fear and trust your Akashic experience

First thing to know: this is your record. is yours.


You can totally learn and figure out anything (no doubt, anything) that interests you about your spirit. What’s more, shockingly, you don’t need to have clairvoyance or “proficiency” or any kind of gibberish to encounter them. Anyone can figure out how to peruse the Akashic Records, because that’s a past that fills our spirits.

akashic records

Can you experience the negative energy in the Akashic Records at any time?

No, the energies in the Akashic Records are repairing, reflecting and lifting. If you feel any vague emotions on the record or feel a sense of urgency to do something you wouldn’t normally do, the tension may be present on a psychological level. Akashic Records are often a caring place where you can reconnect to the euphoric, profound manifestations of your most sublime Light.

If you receive a negative image or consideration on the record, please develop, think and build around it before opening the record. I also recommend eft tap, brain reshaping, or breathing to unblock subconscious tension, fear, and do shadow work.

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